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UK Visa Applications Izmir - Get your visa through WorldBridge

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We are

Accredited translators and visa advisors located in Izmir - Turkey, trained and experienced in preparing your visa application for the UK Consulate in Istanbul through WorldBridge offices in Ankara, İstanbul, Bursa, Gaziantep and Izmir. Our staff will assist you to file your application professionally by filling out your forms, translating your documents into English, and providing consultation for a successful result.

We not only complete your application, but we make sure that you reach your desired destination! We will accompany you in every step throughout the process so that you get a professional consulting service and do not waste your money in your pursuit towards obtaining a UK visa.

Numerous travel agencies and so called translators in Turkey may promise you that they can easily get your UK visa. They might even claim that they are qualified visa advisors. We strongly advise you to think twice before you get ripped off by con artists! If you are unfortunate enough to collaborate with such con artists, you will not only have wasted your money but your application will most probably be refused due to incorrectly filled application form or unprofessionally translated documents, in which case you will have no choice but to fork out the same amount of money, if not more, in order to reapply, or to appeal the refusal; the latter being a more extensive, meticulous, and painful process.

Nobody wants to choose those that rip them off, waste their valuable money and time. Choose us and let us assist you in obtaining the UK visa of your choice in an easy and fast way.

Consultation is Free during your First Appointment!

Visit our office and let us evaluate your circumstances based on UKBA criteria and points of view.

Let us explain the possible outcome, with its reasons, in the event that you file your application under your current conditions and available supporting documents.

If our assessment of your current situation concludes that you do not meet UKBA requirements for the type of visa you are seeking, we will inform you of what you must do in order to be successful in your UK visa application, and make sure that you do not waste time and money by applying for a UK visa that will be unsuccessful. Once we work together to remedy your current discrepancies, you may confidently apply for your requested UK visa with a professional portfolio prepared by our staff members, which is guaranteed to increase the probability of a successful result in your UK visa pursuit.

Who has the ultimate authority to decide on the conclusion of your visa application?

Your visa application is reviewed and approved / disapproved by the UKBA (United Kingdom Border Agency) officers at the UK Consulate in Istanbul. In other words, employees of WorldBridge visa application centers are not in a position to decide whether or not you should be granted a UK visa.

In the event that you come accross any individual or corporate entity that requests you pay them an undeserved fee so that they can positively influence your visa application through their special connections with the consulate, please contact the UK Consulate immediately, even if this entity is WorldBridge, or the individual is an employee of WorldBridge.

To report a complaint with regards to any undeserved fee requests, please send an e-mail to the UK Consulate General: or send them a fax at (212) 334-6553.

Beware of any individuals and firms that give you 100% guarantee that they will get your visa! Based on our 20+ years of experience as visa advisors we can confidently say that only impostors can make such a commitment and give you false hopes.

Please remember that only individuals that are qualified and able to evidence their qualification as required by UKBA can be issued UK visas. Any other approach is considered fraud and a crime, and can result in prosecution.

Let us prepare your visa application in a form that is to the full satisfaction of the requirements of UKBA officers; saving you time and money (including visa fee, travel expenses, translation fees, freight etc.)

You are deeply mistaken if you think that anybody that speaks English, any travel agency or any translation agency can handle such a job which actually requires professional know how. Numerous disappointed applicants visit our office every week because their UK visa application has been refused due to incomplete or incorrect preparation conducted by individuals with inadequate experience, or know nothing about the requirements of the UK Border Agency, the UK Consulate General in Istanbul and UK Immigration Laws, even though they are proficient in English, or native speakers.

We can still assist you to appeal refusals with the UK Immigration Tribunal. Not only are we knowledgeable and experienced in appealing UK visa refusals, but we also cooperate with law firms located in the UK. However, we prefer to be by your side before and during your UK visa application process without resorting to appealing a refusal. The only successful way to obtain a UK visa is to prepare an application portfolio that fully meets requirements of the UKBA. We have the know-how to do it professionally, and we are willing to help you throughout the process.

Please refer to our web site and links to the web sites of the UK Border Agency, the UK Consulate General and WorldBridge for more detailed information about how to file a UK visa application.

For detailed information on the UK Immigration Laws and the current policies please refer to UK Border Agency web site.